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We’re beyond excited to announce that we’ll be releasing Polyenso’s(ex-Oceana) 2013 LP ‘One Big Particular Loop' on double 12” vinyl. It brings a great sense of fulfillment to work with a band whose music you love personally and have followed for years. Pre-orders will be up soon via our BigCartel web store.

While on tour with Native Wildlife and deathdealer., we met up with Scrap Kids in the hills of Pittsburgh to do a live video for a special edition of Harold’s Hooligans.

Set List:

1. Through Us

2. Soul Searching

3. Playing The Role, Baby

4. Now What?

5. Resentment

You can find most of these songs available for download here:

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Thanks to Dalton Patton for the video!

Harold’s Weekly Hooligans

June 10th: Science Fiction, by Native Wildlife

From John Snyder(guitar/vocals):

“My current lyrical motivations stem from aspects of my life which have changed dramatically in recent months. Primary among these was finally taking time to think about things which I have repeatedly pushed away. Upon finishing undergrad in January, I was suddenly confronted with vast amounts of free time. This was wonderful at first, until I realized that four years’ worth of suppressed introspection was catching up on me. While I was consumed by school and music activities, my subconscious slowly accumulated a tangled mess of questions about spirituality, human nature, the utility (or futility) of human social and technological progress, and our place in the universe.

It’s been a lot to digest, and at first I was not exactly sure how to cope. Fortunately, our lineup change a few months ago gave me the inspiration to use lyrics as a place to express my questions, fears, and anxieties. Being a new vocalist is stressful on many levels, but most importantly I wanted to write beyond the cliches of so many other bands. Not to mention, I definitely have big lyrical shoes to fill after Steve’s departure, as anyone who has heard our song “Devil’s Daughter” will know.

With that aside, I will get into the song itself. “Science Fiction” is one of what I suspect will be many songs addressing my thoughts about being a tiny speck in a grand cosmos. The opening lines talk about how I think it is presumptuous to claim a single ideology is the best way to live ones life. But at the same time, I am rather paralyzed by the thought of learning all kinds of philosophy and religion and most likely failing to get anywhere. Nothing is more sobering than realizing how little you actually understand. (Side note: our other track on the split, “Creation Myth”, is about how the viscerally conflicting emotions I have been experiencing due to questioning and rejecting ideas which previously defined my life.)

I touch on something a bit deeper here as well. I am afraid for any of this to come to a resolution. What if I find an answer that I don’t like, or is otherwise unsatisfactory? What does one do when a life-defining journey comes to a close? The likelihood of that happening is incredibly small, but I find myself dwelling on it. Of course, the alternative is that the universe we live in is too hopelessly complex for anyone to ever grasp.

Later in the song, there’s a bit of an “I was born at the wrong time” sentiment. We have all of these incredible questions in front of us, but nobody my age will probably live long enough to see them answered. I have immense difficulty accepting that. Yet despite all of this, I really do try to keep a positive outlook. There will always be a subset of humanity with the wonder and drive to answer big questions and guide us into the future. I doubt I will be around to see it, but the idea is a beautiful one nevertheless. All we can do is try. Let curiosity and love guide you.

Thanks for reading, listening and supporting us!”

Download this song and previous material from the band here!